• Safest Used Cars for Teens

    When you are buying a car for your child’s sweet sixteen, you want them to be safe but able to get from point A to point B. Safety, a good vehicle, and great gas mileage are all great features to look for in the cars you may be considering. Top Used Cars for Teens 1.… View

    Safest Used Cars for Teens
  • Used Car Prices Decreasing

    Over the past year or two, used car prices have been decreasing, believe it or not. It’s a new shift in the car industry that is making more people start to turn to used cars. Prices on used cars are dropping quickly because of a few key factors. Reasons to Buy a Used Car People… View

    Used Car Prices Decreasing
  • Best Selling Cars of 2014

    In 2014 many new features and new cars were offered by car manufacturers. We all want to know at the end of the year, which models sold the most and received raving reviews? We offer multiple used cars that are the same makes and models that are just as good as the brand new models.… View

    Best Selling Cars of 2014
  • Servicing Your Car

    Getting your car checked often is very important. You want to make sure your car is in proper working condition so that when you drive it, you and your family are safe. You can check your car over yourself or take it to a mechanic to get it serviced. Why It’s Important to Service Your… View

    Servicing Your Car